Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Anthony Pettis Wants To Enter Boxing Before Career Is Over

Anthony Pettis is a mainstay in MMA but revealed he is interested in crossing over to boxing.

Pettis recently signed with PFL and set to be part of the 2021 tournament. The goal for Pettis is to win the 2021 lightweight tournament and then fight in the 2022 tournament at welterweight.

However, before his career is over, Anthony Pettis is interested in boxing and even mentioned Jake Paul as a possible opponent.

“Bro, I would love to box. I haven’t boxed yet, so I’m 0-0. Boxing’s something I grew up watching my whole life. That’s why I got into fighting, honestly. Watching Chavez, De La Hoya, Mayweather, all these guys (while I was) up and coming,” Pettis said to TMZ Sports.

“But man, (Paul) looked good against another professional athlete. Nate didn’t look like he shouldn’t have been in here, honestly. I’m like, ‘Yo, like did he get any sparring sessions in?’ Honestly, did anyone not show him how to get into a stance? Like he’s just running at him. But I respect him for getting in that ring, bro. Everybody has this talk like, ‘Yo I can fight, if I get in there I can do this.’ It takes a special person to actually get in there and try that sh*t man. We see what happens when you’re not prepared.”

Whether or not Pettis will end up boxing is uncertain. However, if Paul is looking to fight a big-name MMA fighter, “Showtime” certainly makes sense.

For now, Pettis is focusing on MMA and trying to win the PFL tournament this year.